How To Check UTI and NSDL PAN Card Status

Check PAN Card Status Online

How To Check UTI and NSDL PAN Card Status, Track Online

PAN card has now been made of atmost importance. It has become compulsory for businessmen earning more than 5 lakhs a year. Even a lot of sites now ask for PAN number before proceeding with the payment. If you want to check PAN card status online, you will know how you can do so by the time you finish reading this article. But, before that, let us first know what a PAN card Status is and how you can apply for Pan Card Status.


What is A Pan Card?

PAN card or a permanent account number is a unique 10-digit alphanumeric code that is especially made for tax payers. In 1962, under the supervision of CBDT, the income tax department and the judicial members founded the PAN code. A PAN card is basically a unique identification if you’re an Indian. This serves as an identification proof. This is one of the most used identity card after aadhar card. This card is mainly used for checking your all transactions and getting information about you. If you don’t have a PAN card then no bank will let you open account in their bank. This is a must needed ID card for an Indian. If you don’t have an ID card then follow the below guide. You will learn about How To Apply For a PAN Card.
A PAN code is made up of 10 alphanumeric characters including first 5 letters, then 4 numbers and a letter again at the end.

First of all you need to know the difference between UTI and NSDL PAN Card.

How to Apply for a PAN Card

A PAN card is really important if you are 18 or above. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t already have one, you can apply for a new PAN card and get one for yourself.

To do so, you can go to NSDL or UTI website and fill up a short form. You’ll need to enter all your mandatory details in the form. Also, keep a copy of address proof, birth certificate and identity proof handy. You’ll need it while filling up the form.


No matter where you fill the form from, both, UTI and NSDL have an almost similar form to be filled. Once you have filled up the form, you can check PAN card status. If you don’t know the process of checking the status, we’ll tell it to you. As you’ve already filled the form then don’t forget to check your PAN Card Status regularly. Keep an eye on your UTI PAN card status.

How to Check PAN Card Status?

After you’ve filled the form and want to check the status of your PAN card, you can do so by visiting the UTI/NSDL official website.

Check NSDL PAN Card Status


  • Now, look for the option to track PAN card status. Now, click on it and enter your details.
  • You’ll need to select your applicant type. If you’re a new registrant, select “new” and if you’re someone who wants to modify PAN card details, click on “change request”.
  • Now, enter your acknowledgement number or name. Either of them is enough.
  • You will now be required to enter your name that you’ve used while registering the in the form.
  • At last, enter your date of birth/Association/foundation/Company and click on “submit”.

After you’ve clicked on “submit”, you can see a window that will show you the status of your PAN card. You can see all the details such as the date when your PAN card was delivered, the courier that had delivered it and the bill number.

Why Do You Need a PAN Card?

The very first question that might have popped in your mid is, “why do I need a Pan card?” Or, am I eligible for a PAN card? Here’s your answer.

If you’re a businessman or even someone who does huge transactions, a PAN card is a must for you. PAN card is required if you want to furnish your returns. Every tax payer or a businessman making transactions must have it. It is a unique identification proof and is compulsory for someone who pays tax.

If you have lost your PAN card or want to get duplicate copy then Download Duplicate copy of PAN Card.

Lost/Damaged PAN Card :

In case you have lost your PAN Card(or it is damaged), you  can apply for Duplicate PAN card. It must be noted that the Duplicate PAN card will not change your PAN. The PAN allotted to any individual remains same throughout the lifetime. Other thing worth mentioning is that, if you have the photocopy or image of your Lost or damaged PAN card, it should be attached with the application.

lost pan card , damage pan card , appy for pan card

Contacting the PAN Card Customer Care :

There are times when you have certain questions related to your PAN card, but you don’t know whom should you contact. If you applied through the UTIITSL or NDSL website, you can contact the customer support. They can be contacted via email or through the helpline numbers too. You can even fill the online form, specifying your query. The executives will provide resolution to your queries. Not sure about what is the email id or number, where you should contact? Read the details of PAN Customer Care.

How to Apply for a PAN Card Correction Form?

There are instances when people need corrections in their PAN card. Sometimes it happens when a girl marries and wants to get her name changed later and sometimes it is required just because there was an error in your PAN card details In such cases, you can always fill up a PAN card correction form and get all the corrections done in your PAN card.

Apart from such instances, sometimes the pan card gets lost or gets damaged. In such instances, you need to apply for a new PAN card.

You’ll have to enter the same details while applying for a new one as you entered in the previous one. After you fill the Pan card application form, you can track PAN card status.


You just have to visit official PAN card correction form and fill all the details

PAN Card Verification – How to verify Pan Card Online

After you’ve got your PAN card, it is very important to verify it. There are basically two methods you can verify PAN card online with.

By PAN number:- You’ll need to enter your Pan card number in order to verify PAN card online.

By Name:- In this method, you’ll just have to enter your name and date of birth. So even if you forgot PAN number, you can verify it through name and DOB.

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