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Apply For UAN EPFO Login | Know UAN Status

UAN means Universal Account Number which is usually provided by the employer to its employees for their secure future and easy identification. This number is usually allotted by EPFO (Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation) which usually assists for all the necessary contributory Provident Fund Scheme and much more. The UAN remains same throughout life regardless the organization with which you are working. Once you have generated your UAN number, it will automatically get forwarded to the next organization you are joining.

EPFO provide the employees to use and check all the details of his/her Provident Fund Account (EPF) from the provided UAN Login id. Moreover, it also enables you to withdraw the Provident Fund as per the rules and regulations through Provident Fund Organization if you need. It is the responsibility of the company to go to the procedure and get a UAN number for their each and every employee. It is the account number which is allotted to employees and not to the employers.

How to Apply For EPF Account or Activate UAN Sign Up?

It is not very much difficult to get login id and password (which you can change whenever you required) for your EPF account. You can easily get it from your former employer and they can easily check in your EPF account to find the exact details about regarding your EPF account. Just follow the step by step given below to make an easy login to your EPF account.


  • Go to the official website of your EPFO through your web browser.
  • Here, you will find different sections and tags, go to the option with ‘For Employees’ is you wanted to know more about your EPF details.
  • Being an employee, now select the Service Section under the For Employees and then go with the option of UAN Member e-Sewa link.
  • Once done successfully, click on the option of Employee login.
  • A new page will appear on your home screen where you will see a message asking your UAN details.
  • Now, enter the valid details to your account along with valid, 12 digit UAN Account number and then enter the password. While entering your account details please make sure that your login details are correct and have no errors.
  • Once done successfully, sign into your account to operate your account. Here you will see dashboard from where you can easily find various notifications and other alerts related to your account.

Advantages of UAN login

UAN is the Universal Account Number which enables you to access your EPF account from anywhere easily. Some of the advantages of this wonderful facility are: –

  • UAN login enables the employees to check their all details related to EPF account from anywhere and anytime only with the help of EPF number.
  • UAN login id also enables the employees to transfer their funds easily and quickly, whenever and wherever required.
  • UAN login id also enables all employees the check their balance in the EPF account and that too within a fraction of a second.
  • UAN login id helps the employees by just enhancing the accessing of their EPF account easily and too without any intermediate disturbance.
  • UAN login id also enables the employees to withdraw their money anywhere anytime without facing any difficulty.
  • Now, the employees don’t need to roam about the concerning EPFO offices to get all the required information. They can easily do it just by login to your EPF account from anywhere and anytime.
  • Along with viewing your Provident Fund balance sheet UAN login id also enables the employees to download and retrieve the hard copy of the passbook or the statement of related EPF account.

How can an employee check his/her status of UAN?

Once the employee has got the UAN number from the employee and they can easily check the updates and the status of account their account. For this, you only need to login to the official web portal of the Employees Provident Fund Organization and then go with the option of UAN status for finding it. You can just follow the steps given below to do so: –


  • Go to the official website of EPFO and choose the state where you are working right now, or you can also go with the option of nearest registered EPFO.
  • Now, click on the option of Provident Office Region from which you are being registered.
  • Once done, now add your Provident Fund number along with the organization number at which you are currently working.
  • Now, add your EPF account number and then click on the option of Check Status along with your name, date, contact number, and password from where the employee can easily check your UAN status, whether it is allotted to him/her or not.

How to activate your UAN at Unified UAN Portal

If you have got your UAN number the next thing you have to do is to activate it at Unified UAN Portal. You can easily do it just by following the steps given below: –

  • Go to the official site of Unified UAN Portal and then go to the Service section.
  • Now, tap on the option of For Employees followed by Know your UAN Status option.
  • Click on the option of Activate your UAN number followed by all the required details like; name, age, sex, contact number and much more along with the password.
  • Once done successfully sign into your account, and access your account easily.

UAN Passbook

UAN passbook enables you to get all the related and required information to your EPF account. It provides you all the necessary information including your transactions, transfers, and much more easily. Moreover, it is the best option for keeping your details up to date so that you can easily get to know about your current status. The best part of UAN login id is that it is linked with your Adhar id and does not require any bank details to relate your EPF account.

Updated: September 29, 2017 — 7:40 pm

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